About Us
We are Kelly and Brian Weir and have been involved with the Bernese Mountain Dog since  1998. Our Berners hold every piece of our hearts!
As breeders of BK Bernese Mountain Dogs we strive to produce sound, healthy, well tempered loving family companions. One health issue is not more important than the other to us, they are all equally important. We spend countless hours researching pedigrees, health clearances and temperaments here at BK Bernese. While trying to reduce risks of health issues with each breeding, we strive to maintain proper structure, type, temperament and over all soundness of the breed. Only the best homes will do for our puppies, these are our babies and we only place our puppies with families we approve.

At BK Bernese Mountain Dogs our goal is to improve the breed, not for the next winning show dog or a big fancy ribbon to go on a wall. We care about the overall health of the breed we love. Showing is something we enjoy doing with our dogs as a team​, winning is not as important to us as the health and soundness of this great breed. ​

We do not place our puppies sight unseen, nor do we place our puppies without an in person interview as well as a phone interview. We DO NOT sell our puppies online, by credit card, pay pal or other online services. None of our puppies are ever shipped. We require and encourage all of our families to come visit the litter at least once (if not more) so that you can get to know your new family members personality​ ​and also to make sure you have a list of everything you will need to purchase to accommodate your new puppy in his/her arrival home (Crate, Toys, Dishes, Supplements, Collar, Leash, etc.)

Please click here to read an article on proper puppy buyer etiquette.​​ This will help you understand why breeders are the way they are and why we are cautious about letting people in to visit with puppies.

​​If you would like to be put on our waiting list for a future litter, please feel free to call us for an interview.

BK Bernese Mountain Dogs
Livonia, MI​