Future Litters

After conducting a phone interview, we will determine if you and your family are a good fit for one of our puppies. If we feel you are a good fit then you will be pre-approved as a home. Final approval as a home will be determined after you visit us and our dogs, if you do not meet our qualifications as a home we have the right to refuse placing a puppy with you. 

​​Please do not send an email asking if we have puppies available, instead check the current litters page as our site is updated regularly and if it says we currently do not have puppies then we do not have any puppies at this time.

Please call for an interview, as we do not conduct email interviews.​​

Click here to read this informative article before you go out and purchase just any puppy!​​

I understand this page is a bit long and a lot of reading but it is very important to read through this page completely before contacting us inquiring about puppies.

When looking for a puppy you should first contact several breeders to see when their next breeding is planned, don't expect them to have puppies available and ready for you when you contact them. You should choose one breeder out of the several you spoke with that you feel comfortable working with. Build a relationship with that breeder, get to know them and their dogs, ask to visit them and the dogs so you can see the temperament and personality of the dogs they are breeding. Make sure they are willing to provide proof of health certifications on the stud dog and dam of the planned breeding or litter they will have.

If you are going to put yourself on more than one waiting list and a breeder informs you they have a puppy for you, be courteous to the other breeders and let them know you have already found a puppy and to please remove you from their "Waiting List". Breeders lose good homes when you do not take yourself off their "Waiting List", the reason is because you never notified them that you already brought your new puppy home and they have now told everyone all their puppies are spoken for. By the time you notify these breeders you already have a puppy and they call to inform previous perspective puppy owners, those people have already found a puppy as well and the breeder is now in search of homes again. You may think that breeders get inquiries all the time, the reality is we do not and good homes that meet our criteria are hard to find because good, responsible, reputable breeders do not place/sell their puppies to just anyone because they want a dog.

Breeders plan out their breedings carefully. We can not make our girls come into season because fall, spring or summer works best for your timing. If your planning on bringing a puppy into your family and home, then plan ahead. If the litters timing isn't good for you then maybe now is not the right time to bring a dog into your family and home. Maybe you should wait, plan vacation time when bringing your new puppy home this way you have time to let the puppy adjust and get started on a routine as well as starting the potty training process. Sometimes our girls do not come in on time as planned, at times it can be sooner or later than we expect, whatever the case we do not have control over our girls bodies. So please do not plan on a time of year to bring your new puppy into your life because chances are that is not going to be how the dam of the litter works and it will never be the perfect timing you want or expect.

Some breeders ask for a deposit for you to be on their "Waiting List". The reason for this is to A.) Show you are committed to the decision you have made of getting a Bernese puppy, B.) If you find a puppy elsewhere they now need to advertise that puppy as available again, continue to vaccinate and deworm the puppy, take the puppy for wellness exams and that can be quite the expense, C.) It shows your commitment to that breeder and lets them know you are comfortable working with them. So make sure you understand why the breeder/s ask for a deposit.

Our puppies are not placed for breeding, nor are they placed as gifts, please read below.


​​(***Puppies are NOT placed for breeding purposes, as gifts for children, holidays, or birthdays. Our puppies are placed only into homes that we approve. If you do not go through the interview and approval process with us you will not be an approved home for one of our puppies. We do not breed for supply and demand, we also do not breed for convenience of your timing. Puppies are NOT placed via internet, or "Sight unseen". Credit card, payl pal, debit cards, money orders or checks are NOT accepted methods of payment. Puppies are NEVER shipped. All of our puppies are raised in our home, not in a kennel. They are raised in a loving and caring environment with lots of socialization. This is a lifelong commitment and we only place our puppies in homes we believe to be their forever homes........not a spur of the moment decision.***)

All of our breedings are carefully researched and planned. Our dogs are health tested before ever being considered to be part of our breeding program​, this includes Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, DM, vWD. Our puppies are placed on spay/neuter contracts with requirement of proof of spay/neuter.

We are active in AKC Conformation showing, with hopes of starting Obedience soon. Dogs in our breeding program either have their AKC Championship, are working on their CH title or have points towards their AKC CH title.

Prospective Puppy Owners are required to come to our home to see and visit puppies​ as well as to meet with us​. At that time we go over our Puppy Contract with you so that you fully understand the terms of the contract, answer any questions you may have forgotten to ask, as well as go over safety measures to keep your puppy safe, potty training methods and beginning training.

When you come to visit with us and the puppies we require that you are freshly showered, freshly clothed, wash your hands well before playing with the puppies and shoes are taken off in our laundry room. There is great risk of viruses and bacteria's being carried in on your clothing and shoes if you have been around other animals (including your own) and we try to reduce that risk to our young puppies. Visitors are allowed in our home once the puppies are  between 4-5 weeks of age. 

​​A puppy packet goes home with each puppy and contains copies of sire and dam's clearances, an information sheet, links to helpful websites, contract and feeding information.

​​Member of the BMDCA (Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America)

Future Planned Breedings​​

​Next Planned Breeding - 2022 - 2023
Please check Current Litters page for updates on current litter information​


Please see our Contact page to contact us if you would like to be on our waiting list!